Clinton and Birthdays – Redundancies on the Cards?

Sadly another well known name on the high street has run into difficulties. A major greetings card company has become the tenth high profile victim of the recession in 2012.

Clinton Cards has gone into administration. It is likely that a number of stores will be closed and the staff who work in them will probably lose their jobs.

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Clinton is the UK’s largest card retailer and employs around 8,000 staff in Clinton and Birthdays stores.

When an employer such as Clinton becomes insolvent employees may have difficulties recovering what they are owed. If the business continues to operate then normal redundancy procedures will apply, and employees will have a right to be fairly selected and to be consulted. If this does not happen properly a dismissal may be unfair and the employees may be able to claim compensation for unfair dismissal.

If Clinton is unable to continue operating, on the other hand, the administrators may not have the funds to pay all of the staff. If this happens staff may be able to claim a payment from the National Insurance Fund, including payment for redundancy and a limited amount for lost wages and notice pay. Further amounts over and above that may be payable from the assets of the company, depending on what the situation is.

What is certain is that this will be a worrying time for all employees of Clinton Cards and Birthdays, as they face a difficult period of uncertainty and do not know whether they may be made redundant.

For those who are made redundant there may be questions about the best way forward, whether the payment is correct, or even whether they have been unfairly selected and may have an unfair redundancy dismissal claim. Some may also need advice on Compromise Agreements. Our expert employment solicitors at Worker Claims can help with all of the questions Clinton Cards employees may have.

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