Dismissal Claims – Losing Your Job

Losing your job or being dismissed can feel like the end of the World.

Not only do you have all the financial stress of working out how to pay the bills which keep arriving whether you have a job or not, but you may also wonder what on Earth to do with your life in the future, and you have to try to find another job.

We can’t pay your bills for you, but we can give you realistic and sensible advice about whether you can sue your employer in the Employment Tribunal. If you win damages for unfair or wrongful dismissal that will help get you back on your feet.

We’re here for you. Getting the advice you need early will help you plan for the future.

We can provide advice and representation in respect of all types of Employment Tribunal Claim, including claims for:

Remember, you need to act NOW. Most claims in the Employment Tribunal are subject to a time limit of three months. If you do not get your claim in within the necessary time period, you may lose the right to claim altogether.

If you think you’re about to lose your job, are being disciplined or are appealing against a dismissal, we can offer three different levels of Care Pack. Our Care Packs offer a review of your employment documentation and an assessment of your circumstances, plus drafting of a suitable grievance or appeal letter, along with ongoing support from our team for a period of three months – all for a low fixed fee which can work out as little as just over £1 a day!

With a Care Pack you’ll get yourself into the best position to bring a strong claim, or succeed in your grievance or disciplinary proceedings, or at least you’ll know where you stand as early as you can. And as time goes on you’ll have access to ongoing support for three months for no extra charge.

You won’t find any other employment solicitor who offers something of equivalent value for less (and if you think you have found an equivalent alternative product, talk to us as we’d love to know and we’re keen to remain the most competitive claimant employment law practice in the market).

Ask about our Worker Claims Care Packs.

On the other hand, if you’ve already lost your job, you may need to know whether you have a claim. You may even believe you have a strong case.

We offer a low fixed-fee service for claims assessment. For a fee which amounts to less than the hourly billing rate for most High Street solicitors we’ll review all the documents in your case and advise you on whether you have a claim. And if you do have a good claim we may be willing to take it on as a no win no fee case. If we subsequently win the case we’ll deduct the Pre-Claim Review fee from our success fee, so you won’t be out of pocket.

Ask about a Pre-Claim Review

We can even help you if you’ve already started your claim in the Employment Tribunal. For a fixed fee we’ll review your claim and give you advice on drafting, tactics and procedure. We’ll tell you what we think of your claim and advise you on whether you have missed anything or whether you should leave something out. We’ll make sure you claim everything you’ve entitled to and give you the best chance of winning. And on top of that we’ll give you three months of support as your claim goes on, so even if we can’t take the case on as a no win no fee employment claim (not every claim is suitable for that) we can still try to maximise your chance of succeeding.

Ask about the Platinum Proceedings Pack

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