Making Your Employment Claim

Before you make any employment or discrimination related claim it is very important to seek specialist advice about your particular circumstances to ensure that the facts about which you wish to complain are strong enough to merit starting the claim process.

By getting early specialist advice from us you will be in the best position to make an informed decision as to how you should proceed. You will find out from us what types of claim(s) you may have, what steps need to be taken to prove them, how strong they are, if they are in time, and what they may be worth in both financial and non financial terms to you.

There are a number of other factors to take into account before making a claim and these include understanding the likely personal, financial, commercial, and career implications of a potential workplace dispute that may result from you suing or being sued by your employer in the employment tribunals or civil courts about which we will discuss with you.

If you think you’re about to lose your job, are being disciplined or are appealing against a dismissal, or if you have a formal grievance to raise, we can offer three different levels of Care Pack. You’ll get a review of your case, drafting of documentation, and three months’ dedicated support, all for a low fixed fee which can work out as little as just over £1 a day!Ask about our Worker Claims Care Packs.

We also offer a low fixed-fee service for claims assessment. For a fee which amounts to less than an hours work for most High Street solicitors we’ll review your case and advise you on whether you have a claim. If we subsequently win the case we’ll deduct the Pre-Claim Review fee from our success fee, so you won’t be out of pocket.

Ask about a Pre-Claim Review

We can even help you if you’ve already started your claim in the Employment Tribunal. For a fixed fee we’ll review your claim and give you advice on drafting, tactics and procedure. And on top of that we’ll give you three months of support as your claim goes on, to maximise your chance of succeeding.

Ask about the Platinum Proceedings Pack

You won’t find any other employment solicitor who offers something of equivalent value for less (and if you think you have found an equivalent alternative product, talk to us as we’d love to know and we’re keen to remain the most competitive claimant employment law practice in the market).

Our aim is to ensure that we act in your best interests at all times and our initial advice and assessment of your legal position will take into account all of the above matters. Once we have carried out this initial fact find with you then we will we be in a position to provide you with the valuable tactical and strategic advice necessary to help you try and secure the most favourable and satisfactory outcome to your problems at work.

If our advice is that you should be making a claim then we will tell you about the process to be adopted in your case. There are a number of preliminary steps that can or should be taken in certain cases and it is important to ensure that you comply with these. Some claims require you to go through a grievance procedure and in many cases an early settlement can be reached using the ACAS pre-claim conciliation scheme.

In all cases we find it is helpful to prepare at an early stage a case plan setting out your individual claims, their strengths, the required evidence, and the realistic settlement values. This case plan acts as a valuable working tool for the successful management of your claim(s).

All employment and discrimination tribunal claims have tight time limits and the majority of claims must be brought within three months of the act complained of.

You must not delay in getting specialist advice. It is easy to start making a claim through WorkerClaims. All you need to do to contact us.
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